Published: 2 Jul 2021




After over 25 years of loyal service, in 2020 Ms Sharon Henderson was seconded to fill a pressing need in the Registry of the South Australian Employment Tribunal as acting Team Leader. As might have been expected, Sharon’s transition to this new role was seamless and she quickly established herself as an integral part of the Registry team. Unsurprisingly, when the position was formally called, Sharon was urged to apply and was awarded it.

Sharon and I had hoped that she would be able to continue to undertake the duties of Clerk of the Licensing Court in her new position. But it became increasingly obvious to her that in properly undertaking her role as Team leader, she could not discharge the duties of Clerk in the manner in which she wished. Accordingly I recently, and with much reluctance, accepted her resignation as Clerk of the Court.

I would like to place on the public record my appreciation of Sharon’s work as Clerk. Since the re-location of the Licensing Court to Riverside in January 2011, Sharon has worked tirelessly to re-establish the Court as an independent court of record. She quickly formed a strong rapport with the Court’s stakeholders and played a pivotal role in developing the Court’s Rules and procedures. She established the electronic filing system for the lodgement of disciplinary complaints that has served us so well and was responsible for the creation of the Court’s web site. Sharon has made a significant contribution to the work of the Court and for that we all owe her a great debt. I know I speak for all of us in wishing her every success for the future.

Over the last year, my judicial support officers, Ms Nikki Pascoe and Ms Lauren Baehnisch, have been undertaking much of the administrative work of the Court under Sharon’s tutelage. I am pleased to announce that from 1 July 2021, Ms Pascoe has been appointed as Clerk of the Court and Ms  Baehnisch has been appointed as Deputy Clerk. Both have big boots to fill, but I am sure that with your patience and understanding the Court will be able to continue to provide the service that you expect and deserve.



Judge Brian Gilchrist

The Licensing Court Judge