The Registry of the Court is where you can lodge forms, applications and summonses. The Registry is the administrative centre of the Court. It is the point at which case files are created; file numbers are allocated; where appropriate initial hearing dates are allocated; and data relevant to the Court’s case tracking system is entered.

The Registry is located at the 6th floor Riverside Centre building on North Terrace in the Adelaide CBD. It is approximately 50 metres west of the railway station past the Intercontinental Hotel driveways. Our business hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm.


The Clerk of the Court manages the Registry and is responsible for the integrity and efficiency and effective management of all administrative functions attached to the Licensing Court. The  functions and powers  of the Clerk are set out in the Licensing Court Rules 2012. Amongst other things the Clerk receives all documents relating to proceedings before the Court; manages the closure of completed matters; formats and distributes the decisions of the Court; where appropriate draws up and distributes Certificates of Outcome; when necessary draws up formal orders; if necessary liaises with officers for the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner in connection with variations to licensed conditions; and maintains the records of the Court. The Clerk is the point of contact with the Court and all enquiries of the Court are to be made through that office.